Chair - Jessica Lemire


The Legislative Committee shall have broad concern for local, regional, state, and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association. It shall inform members about newly proposed and enacted legislation, encourage members to exercise their responsibility for voting and their right to participate in political activity on all levels.

Chair - TBD


The Negotiations Committee shall survey the members and prepare for the officers and Executive Committee a proposed package to be negotiated with the employer by the Association’s negotiating team in all areas of member welfare and general working conditions.

Chair - Holly Jasnowitz

PRIDE Committee

The Public Relations/PRIDE Committee shall seek to develop public understanding of the purposes and programs of the Association.  It shall be as a beacon of light shining unto the community.  It shall develop procedures by which the Association can present information through newspapers, radio, television, and other mass media and work cooperatively with the public in civic and social organizations. 


Chair - Kim Algieri


The Social Committee shall organize such activities as may serve the needs of members and promote rapport within the Association and member involvement within the Association. 

Chair - Dana Minervini


The Leave Committee shall concern itself with all things related to member leaves of absence. From parental leave to caregiver leave to military leave, this committee will seek to inform members of the most up-to-date information related to their options to extended leaves of absence. 

Chair - Jill Sorensen


The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee shall explore and prepare programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.  It shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the Agreement and policies adopted by the Association.  It shall advise the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of individual rights.  The President shall represent the grievant before the Board of Education or other legal authority.

Chair - Holly Jasnowitz


The Membership Committee shall organize and conduct membership enrollment and shall communicate with members about programs, services, and benefits of the Association.  Its members shall attempt to enroll members, new teachers, and former non-members for the current school year.  It shall communicate with members on the Automatic Payroll deduction, and instruct people to update their information on the NJEA website.

Chair - Jessica Lemire

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee will assess in-service needs and professional development opportunities.  It will plan and implement approved professional development programs.  It will be composed of six (6) members, including four (4) teachers selected by members of the local association, and two (2) administrators.